Gene: God's Favorite Idiot

Gene: God's Favorite Idiot
Name: Gene: God's Favorite Idiot
Date of Birth: N/A
Date of Death: N/A
Actor: Kevin Dunn


Gene is a character from God's Favorite Idiot, an  American workplace comedy streaming television series created by and starring Ben Falcone for Netflix. The character is portrayed by Kevin Dunn.


Gene is Clark’s father. Gene loves his boy Clark. After his divorce, he committed himself to two things, raising his precious son Clark and giving him unsolicited advice in a sauna. But when Clark’s life takes a celestial turn, Gene is pulled into the chaos and it could cost him his son, his sauna and his life.


Follows a mid-level tech support employee who finds love with a co- worker at exactly the same time that he becomes the unwitting messenger of God.