Name: Zoa
Date of Birth: N/A
Date of Death: N/A


Zoa is a character from Welcome To Eden, a Spanish sci-fi series, created and written by Joaquín Górriz and Guillermo López. The character is portrayed by Amaia Aberasturi.


Zoa is invited to an exclusive event on a private island held by a new brand of liquor as well as four other young individuals with an active social media presence. However, they realize that the paradise in which they are now living isn’t exactly what it seems to be.


Are you happy? With this question Zoa and four young, attractive and social media active boys and girls are invited to the most exclusive party in history, set in a secret island and organized by the brand of a new drink. What starts as an exciting adventure will soon turn into the trip of their lives, but it turns out that paradise might not be all it has cracked up to be.… Welcome to Eden.