The Good Neighbor

The Good Neighbor
Released: 17th June, 2022

About The Good Neighbor

The Good Neighbor is a 2022 thriller film, directed by Stephan Rick. The screenplay is written by Stephan Rick and Ross Partridge, based on the original award-winning German film written by Stephan Rick and Silja Clemens.


A nightmarish evening unfolds for neighbours David (Luke Kleintank) and Robert (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) when they accidentally hit a woman on her bike and flee the scene. While David is increasingly plagued by feelings of guilt, Robert shows no remorse and becomes overbearing and possessive.

Critic Reviews

  • Yes, coincidences rule the day in this story, but that contributes to its compactness. It’s a tight tale with a steadily-escalating threat level based on Robert’s growing obsession with his new “friend,” and the extreme efforts he’s more than eager to make to keep him and them “out of a Latvian prison.”

    Rating: 63/100
    Movie Nation
  • The only benefit the soul is likely to get from watching this is the comforting knowledge that you, the viewer, are not any of the people onscreen. Which doesn’t mean you can’t have fun watching them be bad, of course. But it’s a detached kind of fun.

    Rating: 58/100
    The Av Club
  • Competent performances and a slick veneer make this revamp go down easily enough. Still, one wishes Rick had placed more emphasis on Hitchcockian suspense, rather than trusting the slow-moving tale will hold us via plot and character complexities that really aren’t particularly evident.

    Rating: 50/100
  • The Good Neighbor struggles with convenient plot points and inconsistent characterization, yet is still a thrilling ride thanks to its menacing lead.

    Rating: 50/100
    Screen Rant