Released: 30th September, 2022

About Entergalactic

Entergalactic is an upcoming adult animated music television series based on the upcoming album of the same name by American musician and actor Kid Cudi.


The series follows a young artist named Jabari, voiced by Mescudi, as he attempts to balance love and success. Finding the latter brings Jabari a step closer to the former, when moving into his dream apartment introduces him to his new neighbor, photographer it-girl, Meadow, voiced by Williams. 

Critic Reviews

  • The fusion of music and narrative works wonderfully as we follow a group of well-drawn (in more ways than one), hilarious, likable and empathetic characters.

    Rating: 88/100
    Chicago Sun Times
  • A celebration of the delightful messiness of human connection in a world that would push you to isolate yourself lest you be hurt by those you most gravitate toward, this episodic story about boy-meets-girl finds new textures in an otherwise familiar story.

    Rating: 83/100
    The Av Club
  • Think of it as a movie, because approached entirely as what it is on the surface, a low-key animated rom-com about two artists in New York, Entergalactic is a perfectly enjoyable, visually grabbing nugget of entertainment, with indeed a killer soundtrack that matches the vibes of the project.

    Rating: 83/100
  • Perhaps the individual parts of Entergalactic might have been more effective if they’d been chopped up into individual music videos. Taken all together, however, they create a mind-numbing experience whose writing and visual stylings remain dispiritingly earthbound.

    Rating: 25/100
    Slant Magazine