Night Sky

Night Sky
Released: 20th May, 2022

About Night Sky

Night Sky is an upcoming American science fiction drama streaming television series created by Holden Miller and Daniel C. Connolly for Amazon Studios and Legendary Television. It stars Sissy Spacek and J. K. Simmons as a couple that possesses a chamber leading to another planet. Chai Hansen, Adam Bartley, Julieta Zylberberg, Rocío Hernández, Kiah McKirnan, Beth Lacke, Stephen Louis Grush, and Cass Buggé co-star. The series was shot in Illinois.

Night Sky was scheduled to be released on May 20, 2022, on Amazon Prime Video.


A married couple who years ago discovered a chamber buried in their backyard which inexplicably leads to a strange, deserted planet.

Critic Reviews

  • Effective sci-fi mystery or not, as a sharp-edged family drama, Night Sky is a compelling watch.

    Rating: 75/100
  • The beautifully sketched contours of Franklin and Irene’s relationship—their shared sense of history, shaped by an unbearable loss—provides an emotional and dramatic core to the series that more than compensates for the lack of context around the chamber.

    Rating: 75/100
    Slant Magazine
  • Every time that “Night Sky” threatens to drift off into something disposable, Simmons and Spacek shine, reminding everyone that they’re true stars.

    Rating: 75/100
    The Playlist
  • There is a lifetime of history between Irene and Franklin, and the actors make sure we feel every second of it. Most of the time, though, Night Sky is busy being busy — unspooling new plot lines like so much toilet paper and doubling down on chase-thriller drama.

    Rating: 67/100
    Entertainment Weekly
  • Night Sky still has its moments. Spacek and Simmons are a true highlight, their relationship feeling lived-in and soulful, and the show is working with some interesting thematic elements, but rather than give those elements room to breathe the show offers up a scattered season of sci-fi drama.

    Rating: 65/100
    Tv Guide
  • Like too many streaming TV shows that come across as stretched-out movies, "Night Sky" trickles out its premise over a full, frustrating season. ... Spacek and Simmons, both Oscar winners, help make even the most dragged out bits watchable.

    Rating: 42/100
  • The story they inhabit is both convoluted and simplistic. ... "Night Sky" is built around a decent idea for a 100-minute movie, which it then stretches to eight hours. And failing to find new keys in which Spacek or Simmons can operate, the series tends to lean hard on different iterations of its space-travel device around the world, all without establishing clear or coherent rules for how that device even works.

    Rating: 40/100