The Time Traveler's Wife

The Time Traveler's Wife
Released: 15th May, 2022

About The Time Traveler's Wife

  • The Time Traveler's Wife is an upcoming science-fiction romantic-drama television series based on the novel of the same name by Audrey Niffenegger.

  • Plot

  • The Time Traveler's Wife is a love story that follows the marriage of Clare and Henry, which is complicated by time travel.

Critic Reviews

  • Taking certain story weaknesses into account, this version absolutely comes the closest to replicating the feeling one can get from reading Niffenegger's book, which had its own addictive qualities

    Rating: 75/100
  • Every time it feels as though the show might actually want to have a real conversation about fate, free will, or consequences, it slides away from the implication without ever fully looking it in the face.

    Rating: 71/100
    Paste Magazine
  • James’ performance leans into Henry’s weariness, seeming at times petulant at what he’s being made to endure. Leslie, a warm and appealing presence on “Game of Thrones,” fares well by contrast, and excels particularly at carrying across some of the more florid lines of dialogue that remind viewers of this project’s literary origins. But the story fails to convince that the couple shares much more than an understanding of the obstacles keeping them apart. So much time is spent on establishing the rules of this show’s game that there’s little room to play.

    Rating: 40/100
  • To be clear, the drama has many problems: Bad wigs, limp characterization, indifferent plotting. As grown-up Clare, Rose Leslie has to say one ridiculous thing after another.

    Rating: 25/100
    Entertainment Weekly
  • The show lacks momentum, partially because its neglect to establish a fixed, forward-moving “present” creates the sense of drifting unmoored through the decades. If you put aside the grooming issue, there’s just not much that’s distinctive about the characters. ... In the absence of even that kernel of enjoyment, all The Time Traveler’s Wife has to offer is an extended, painfully literal allegory for the bromide that true love transcends time.

    Rating: 20/100
  • With its “Twilight”-level trite dialogue and worldview, lack of adventures and alleged love story that is more like a grooming story, this show is so bad on every level that it is hard to pinpoint blame.

    Rating: 0/100
    San Francisco Chronicle